A Mixed Strand of Antique Venetian African Trade Black Eye "Skunk" and White Heart Beads CRBM 10001A


This listing is a 29-bead strand of  Antique Venetian trade beads.  The strand contains some white heart beads, some with floral design, dating to the 1800s. These beads are also known as "Cornaline D'Aleppo". There are also some black eye "skunk" beads. 

The length of the strand is 13" including the raffia. The beads are approximately 9-11mm in diameter.

The beads are in fair antique condition.  They are old unearthed beads that have changed many hands, having traveled three continents between the 19th and 21st centuries. There are many imperfections consistent with their age and history. The color is worn out on some beads, and some have substantial patination. There are age-appropriate nicks and chips. Please examine the photos carefully to see the state of the beads.

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