Antique Handmade Yemeni Woven Silver Wire Waist Belt



This listing is for a long woven high silver wire belt, traditionally worn by Yemeni women, especially in the Northern  Hadramaut.  These loop-in-loop chain belts were wrapped around the waist.  It is said that the more times the belt was wrapped around, the more wealthy and worthy the wearer would be.  The belt is secured by a silver hook and loop closure, attached to the belt with silver finials. 

An example of a similar belt, along with a description of its use can be found at p.190 of Ransom, M., Silver Treasures from the Land of Sheba: Regional Yemeni Jewelry, AUC Press,  2014.

Such belts are rare collectible items, wearable as a belt on a tunic-like dress, or possibly used as a heavy long necklace.  We are fortunate to have found not one but two of these museum-quality rare pieces!

The first belt (labeled A)  is 154 cm (about 60.6") long, 10mm wide, and weighs 418g (14.7 oz). It has a simple floral decoration on the clasp.

The second belt (labeled B)  is longer, 172 cm (about 67.7") long, 10mm wide, and weighs 532g.  This belt has more elaborate finials, with geometric decoration.

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