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Antique Venetian Millefiori African Trade Beads VB_0925
Katherine Longstreet (katherinlongstree0)
Outstanding Dealer

Lovely beads that look interesting on many outfits. Just as described. Dealer went out of her way to answer my questions and talk with me about Venetian trade beads.

Antique Venetian Millefiori African Trade Beads VBP052
Ryann Willis (ryannwillis)
great item

the beads were beautiful and well priced

A 23" Strand of Recycled Glass Beads from Ghana, Teal Green VB_0187_G
Rusudan Tsikhelashvili (rusudatsikhelashvil_0)
A 23" Strand of Recycled Glass Beads

The beads are very nice. Vibrant color.

Antique Venetian Elbow Millefiori African Trade Beads M00091
Phoenix O'Gara (lightningstrike36999)
Antique Venetian Trade Beads

Absolutely awesome,will be at this shop again.

The Non perfect , perfect bead !

I love these recycled beads ! The colors are beautiful and I really like the rough unfinished look to them .

I recommend Venerable Beads!

Every order I receive from Venerable is great.

Recycled Glass Beads from Ghana - blue with orange and white flower pattern - M00378
Phoenix O'Gara (lightningstrike36999)
New age Ghana trade beads

Great service, thanks

Reserved for D: Antique Venetian Elbow Millefiori African Trade Rare Elbow Beads M00039
Douglas Schaper (schap.dougl)
Top Shelf Experience

Wonderful authentic beads and the service was terrific and prompt. Shop with supreme confidence.


The color is clear and beautiful. These will be fun to work with! I recommend getting more than one size, but there is a lot of variation on a single string.

Great beads

My daughter was trying to find glass beads from Ghana after buying some on a trip. We found them here! They arrived in good condition and very quickly.

Venetian Millefiori Rectangular African Trade Beads, 10 Beads 0642
Susan Rose

Beautifully matched beads and in very good shape. These will be fun to work with!

Great source of beads!

Found Ghanaian glass beads that my daughter had been looking for everywhere! Very efficient and they were in excellent condition.

Intense Blue Beads

Luv the beads.
The owner is really helpful.
Definitely 5 stars!

Strand of Large Black Venetian Eye "Skunk" Beads with White Eyes VB_00219
Danny PEZEL (pe79124)

Great beads thank you

A Long Strand of Venetian African Trade Old Millefiori Beads in Yellow and Red CRBM_10645
Dominique H. Vasseur (proustophile)
Gorgeous Strand of Rare Beads

I have been collecting millefiori Venetian-made African trade beads since the 1970s, but this type of yellow bead with red stripes is increasingly hard to find. When one does, they are usually quite expensive, perhaps more than they should be, but that's the market today. The seller was great to accept my offer, and I am thrilled to have them now in my collection.

Beads were wonderful, just what I wanted

Although I loved the beads, I live in Canada and I was surprised to have to pay an additional $30.25 in customs fees. Canadians be aware of the extra costs.

Antique Venetian African Trade Semi-transparent "White Skunk" Beads, group of 10 (0467)

Nice trade beads

Good color n size

Small Yellow Hebron (Kano)African Trade Beads
Karen Elwell (teyacapan)
Hebron Trade Beads

These hebron trade beads are just what I had been looking for. The smaller size is great and the colors are excellent. The large center holes come in very handy, too. I'm 100% happy with the beads

Strand of Venetian Raised Eye "Skunk" Beads in Yellow and Green CRBM_10098
Justin Wanner (jdog87)

Strand of Venetian Raised Eye "Skunk" Beads in Yellow and Green CRBM_10098

Antique Venetian Gooseberry Glass Beads CRBM_10588
Drew Allwein (drall_50)

Excellent gooseberry beads! Best string I've ever seen, and I've seen many! Thanks! ;)

Recycled Glass Beads from Ghana M00399
Gerald Shaw (mooncactusman)
Glass beads from Ghana

The glass beads are. Very unique and look forward to using them in bracelet bead projects. Thanks

Ancient Excavated Neolithic Mixed Stone Beads CRBM_10608
JAMES KEATS (pumtekman)
great ancient necklace

excellant necklace for the collector