A Strand of Antique Opalescent "Baby Moon" Beads from Ethiopia. African Trade Glass Beads CRJP119


On offer is a long strand of rare opalescent beads traded in Ethiopia, frequently referred to as "Dutch baby moon" beads. Their exact age is unknown but they are frequently dated in the range from 1600 to the late 1800s. Where these beads were made is also not certain, but they are frequently attributed to Dutch or Bohemian bead makers, as they were traded to Africa by merchants from Holland and Bohemia alike.  They could also be from Germany or Venice. Their rare milk opalescence comes from the addition of ash to the glass-making process. 

The beads are about 10 x 12-14mm with a hole size of 4.5 to 5mm.  The strand is about 24" long, with about 100 beads on it.   The strand shown in the photo is a representative example.  You will get a very similar strand. 

The beads are old, and some show age-appropriate patina. Several beads are chipped, and other beads may show age-appropriate ticks and imperfections. 

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