A Group of 3 Antique Nueva Cadiz Glass Beads CRBM_10695_B


A group of 3 large 3-layer Nueva Cadiz beads. Two matched beads are about 35x13mm, and one 30x10mm,  all in very good antique condition.  The listing is for the group of 3 beads together.

The beads come from the African Trade and date to the end of the 1800s. These are a later-generation Nueva Cadiz. The beads are in good antique condition,  with some minor denting and chipping, as can be seen in the photos.  Please examine the photos for details. 

The so-called first and second-generation Nueva Cadiz beads are among the earliest European glass beads found in the Americas, dating to the 15th-16th centuries. They are believed to be of Venetian production. The name comes from the site in Venezuela where they were first found,  They are typically tubular blue or teal-colored, square or sometimes twisted in crosssection,  in regions of 16th-century Spanish colonial trade.  Also found in North America and Africa, these older beads are increasingly rare. These older beads are typically slim.  Newer, much larger, the so-called 3rd and 4th generation Nueva Cadiz beads are more often found in West Africa and are likely of Bohemian or another European origin.  These later beads are thicker and more lustrous blue,  also relatively rare.

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