Antique Omani Hirz Prayer Box with Wide Stringing Loops from a Digg Bedouin Necklace M00580


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This listing is for antique Omani Bedouin Hirz prayer boxes that come from a Digg necklace worn by Bedouin women in Central Oman.   An example of such a necklace showing similar beads can be found at the British Museum 2009,6023.212, image 1019570001 

The Hirz prayer boxes are made of fine gilded silver, with large loops wide enough to accommodate the thick cotton rope on which the typical Digg necklace is strung.  Similar Hirz amulets are shown in the British Museum Digg necklace illustration of item 2009,6023.212.

As these prayer boxes are traditionally worn symmetrically, they are SOLD IN PAIRS

There are 3 variations available: 

A: A 4-loop Hirz with geometrical decoration, 34g each on average, approximately 68g per PAIR 68x30mm each without the loops, about 24mm loop diameter. Bright gilding.

B:  A 4-loop Hirz with floral decoration, 40.5g each on average, approximately 81g per PAIR,  64x28mm without the loops, about 20x24mm loop dimensions. Bright gilding

C: A 3-loop Hirz with floral decoration, 30g on average, approximately 60g per PAIR 60x26mm without the loops, about 19x24mm loop diameter. More subdued gilding, likely older than A and B.

These are old prayer boxes that were taken from the Digg necklaces in which the cotton stringing deteriorated from age and was no longer usable.  They show mild age-appropriate dents and imperfections. Please examine the photos carefully to see the condition.

COLORS: Our photos are taken in different lighting in an attempt to show how beads look in different lighting conditions. We make every effort to show colors as accurately as possible. The white background photos are taken in daylight conditions. The black background photos are taken in the strong lab light and would be representative of what they would look like in the evening electric light. Some of the photos are backlit to emphasize their translucency. Note that monitor settings strongly affect the way the colors look. What you see on your monitor may differ from what you see with a naked eye depending on your monitor settings.

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