Large Excavated Indo-Pacific Trade Wind Beads in Yellow


These rare and authentic excavated ancient beads from Indonesia. They are frequently called Indo-Pacific Trade Wind Beads as they are found broadly in many regions, including Indonesia, and have widely traveled across the Pacific with the Trade Winds in antiquity. Very similar beads are found in West Africa, especially in Mali and Niger excavations. While there is no clarity on their exact origin, archeological evidence places these beads in approximately 7-12th c. AD, although a number of sources attribute them to the earlier, Roman, period.

These beads are found in many colors, and the beads in this particular listing are yellow. These are of rare size, larger than most of the indo-pacific trade beads available on the market, The beads are graduated from about 6-8mm in diameter in the center to 5-6 mm at the peripheral ends of each strand. Desirable for designers and collectors alike.

Please consult the photos to see variability in color and size. The strands are approximately 24" long.

Most photos show multiple strands. The price is per strand. The wooden ruler on the scale photos is on the imperial scale (inches).

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