A Mixed Strand of Rare Venetian African Trade Beads M00068_A

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A Mixed Strand of Venetian African Trade Beads dating to the late 1800 - early 1900s. The strand contains several quite rare "fancy" beads,  some "rattlesnake" beads, and relatively uncommon small king beads in maroon with yellow and blue stripes.  The is one rare blue tabular bead with white and black stripes on the strand; there are a couple of Cornaline d'Aleppo beads; 6 blue and pink beads close to the ends of the strand may be more contemporary powder glass bead. The strand is about 26" long including raffia and contains 54 beads.

The smallest bead is about 8x10mm, the largest 13x8 mm.


These beads are in very good antique condition, but they have traveled far and wide, and some wear such as nicks, scratches, and chips is expected. A few beads show some discoloration.

Please examine the photos for detail.

Weights and sizes are approximate.

IMPORTANT NOTE. In the world of beads, and especially ancient and antique beads, errors in identification are common. We do our best to research and classify our beads accurately, however, mistakes are certainly possible. If you are a bead expert and notice any errors in the description, we invite you to please contact us and let us know. We are always grateful for any new information. We also accept returns no questions asked. See our Return Policy for detail.

COLORS: Our photos are taken in different lighting in an attempt to show how beads look in different lighting conditions. We make every effort to show colors as accurately as possible. The white background photos are taken in daylight conditions. The black background photos are taken in the strong lab light and would be representative of what they would look like in the evening electric light. Some of the photos are backlit to emphasize their translucency. Note that monitor settings strongly affect the way the colors look. What you see on your monitor may differ from what you see with the naked eye depending on your monitor settings.

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